About Us

The Xwemélch’stn Etsimxwawtxw – Capilano Little Ones School was certified in 2003 and is a Band Operated School operating under the guidelines and regulations of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada and the British Columbia Ministry of Education. As users and caretakers of our territory, we believe in cultural and participation for a sense of identity, belonging, knowledge, confidence and pride.

Our School Philosophy
(Nexwníwtl’a Skwuláwxtw)

Esteteỷwilh ta skwuláwtxw chet.
Na wa ch’awatúmulhas ta nexw7usáyelh, wa stl’i7stúmulhaswit.
I7xw chet síiyaỳ iy s7ekw’í7tel.

Chet wanáxwstway.
Chet wanaxwsténamut.
Ha7lh stélmexw kwelh tiná7 chet.

Our school is a safe place.
Our teachers help us. They care for us.
We are all friends and relatives.

We respect each other.
We respect ourselves.
We come from good people.