School Bus Service

There is a bus transport service available for Xwemélch’stn Etsímxwawtxw – Capilano Little Ones School. A bus schedule is developed at the beginning of the year based on enrolments and transport requests which details the pickup and drop off times and locations. The Bus Contract and associated forms will be provided to parents and families for those children accessing the bus service. This will need to be completed and signed before your children can use the service.



Safety is of paramount and parents/guardians must adhere to the Bus Contract. Children accessing the bus service must be accompanied or released to a noted and authorized parent/guardian. If the authorized contact is not at the bus stop, the child will be brought back to the school. It is then the parent or authorized contact person’s responsibility to pick the child up at the school..

If a child is acting in an unsafe manner on the bus and is a danger to themselves or others, the following process will be followed:

  • The child will be given a verbal warning (parent/guardian will be informed).
  • The parent/guardian will be given a written warning.
  • The child will be removed from the bus for one day, followed by one week if the unsafe behaviour continues. Parent/guardians will be telephoned prior to this happening.

Transportation Communication Protocols

Please note: At times due to inclement weather or unexpected traffic delays the bus may be delayed for pick up. If this is the case the school will notify parents of such delay. Please ensure that the school has your update contact information (phone number on file). We appreciate your support and understanding during these unexpected events. Should you have any concerns or would like to discuss this further, we ask that the school be contacted.

Ta7lnew̓ás Education, Employment & Training Department reserves the right to discontinue the bus service to any child due to child misconduct on the bus or repeated failure of the custodial parent/guardian or designated authorized person to meet the child at the bus stop. Parents/guardians will receive a phone call, and a written warning prior to temporary discontinuation of the bus service.